💰Jackpot Treasury

Empowering Talent and Innovation

Holding 25% of the total supply, the Jackpot Treasury is specifically designed to incentivize and reward the vibrant and talented community that surrounds Cy9ni.io. This treasury also receives a 0.5% tax from token transactions, ensuring a steady inflow for prizes and rewards.

The Jackpot Treasury primarily serves as the financial backbone for:

  • Fashion Competitions: Enabling designers from our community to showcase their talent and win accolades.

  • Music Competitions: Supporting budding artists and DJs to share their craft and gain recognition.

  • NFT Competitions: Facilitating creators to design and mint unique digital assets, celebrating innovation in the realm of non-fungible tokens.

  • Streaming/Betting App Incentives: Rewarding both creators and viewers, fostering a dynamic and engaging ecosystem.

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