🧩Multi-Purpose DAO

DAO-Powered Competitions

At Cy9ni.io, we harness the power of decentralized decision-making to create a vibrant ecosystem of competitions, where talent, community engagement, and rewards converge.

  • Music Competitions: Rhythm, beats, and melodies take center stage as Cy9ni rolls out music competitions. Emerging musicians and DJs get a platform, but it's the community that sets the tone. Every vote, every decision comes with its own set of rewards, making participation in these competitions as enticing as the music itself.

  • NFT Competitions: Digital art finds its rightful place in our NFT competitions. Artists craft, the community decides, and the winning designs transition into valuable NFTs that are primed for auction. Beyond the auction, the holder of the winning NFT has the unique privilege to stake it and earn yields from the treasury, thus adding another layer of value and significance. As art transitions from creation to staking, all stakeholders, from creators to voters to holders, partake in a rewarding journey.

  • Gaming Events & Competitions: Cy9ni takes gaming a notch higher by integrating it within its DAO structure. These aren't mere games, but competitive events where gamers can flaunt their skills and strategies.

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