⚙️Tax Distribution

Cy9ni's Tax Blueprint: Community-Centric Value Amplification

At Cy9ni, our tax mechanism is not solely about revenue generation; it's a meticulously designed system that reflects our unyielding commitment to our community and the mission of sustaining constant platform evolution. By levying a tax on each transaction, we ensure an ongoing circulation of value, making our ecosystem not only vibrant but also rewarding for every stakeholder.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how this mechanics operates:

  • Cumulative Tax (5%): A cumulative 5% tax is applied on Buy, Sell, and Transfer actions.

  • Reflections to Holders (4% Tax): Cy9ni's core philosophy centers around rewarding its dedicated community. Through a 4% tax on every transaction, we channel direct rewards to our token holders. This not only fosters long-term commitment but also fortifies a deep-rooted trust and allegiance within the community.

  • Development Treasury (0.5% Tax): To remain a front-runner in the ever-evolving realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, ceaseless innovation is paramount. The 0.5% tax directed towards the Development Treasury ensures that Cy9ni consistently pioneers technological advancements and swiftly adapts to the shifting paradigms of the industry.

  • Jackpot Treasury (0.5% Tax): Engaging with Cy9ni is synonymous with immersing oneself in a realm of excitement and rewarding experiences. By earmarking a 0.5% tax for our Jackpot Treasury, we guarantee that the community's enthusiasm remains undiminished, punctuated by regular events, contests, and challenges. However, it's worth noting that these 0.5% taxes (both for Development and Jackpot treasuries) also serve a dual purpose: by taking tokens out of circulation, they inherently contribute to Cy9ni's deflationary nature, enhancing the token's value proposition over time.

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