🏹Dynamics of Competitions

Blending Creativity, Music, Gaming, and Rewards

Diving deep into the Cy9ni.io platform reveals a competition structure that is far more than just design-centric. It integrates multiple art forms, encompassing music, design, and NFT creations, all interwoven in an ingenious framework. These competitions not only stimulate creativity but also foster robust community engagement and boost value appreciation. Let's pull back the curtain on the intricate mechanics that drive these diverse contests:

The Submission Stage: Across various disciplines, whether it's music, design, or NFT artwork, each competition begins with gifted individuals from around the world putting forth their creations. This isn't merely an exhibition; it's an international platform where artists, musicians, and designers present their masterpieces, all vying for the community's recognition.

Eligibility and Participation: To partake in the voting process, one must be a C9 token holder. Not only does this ensure genuine interest and stake in the community's future, but it also sets a threshold for participation. Holders must possess a minimum of, for instance, $50 worth of C9 tokens to cast their votes and be eligible for potential rewards.

The Voting Phase: With the entries set, the Cy9ni community takes the reins. Over a duration of 1-9 weeks (depending on the type of competition), these eligible voters express their preferences, transforming from mere onlookers to decisive contributors who shape the competition's outcome.

The Treasury-Funded Prize Pool: The treasury, an integral part of the platform, funds these competitions, filling up the prize pool. This model's genius resides in its regenerative nature: with the treasury consistently expanding through reflections, a steady flow of funds is maintained, driving competition after competition.

Prize Distribution Dynamics: After the community has cast their votes and a winner emerges, the rewards distribution takes center stage. The allocation of the prize pot is meticulously planned: 40% goes directly to the winning contestant, and another 40% is set aside for the winning voters. This equitable split ensures that both individual brilliance and collective decision-making are aptly rewarded. The remaining 15% is strategically rolled over to the next competition's prize pool, ensuring momentum and elevated stakes for subsequent contests.

Burning for Scarcity: Aligning with Cy9ni's commitment to token value enhancement, 5% of tokens from each competition undergo a burn. This deliberate act decreases the overall token supply, steering the token towards a deflationary path and constantly boosting its intrinsic value.

In essence, the choreography of Cy9ni's competition mechanics is a harmonious dance of creativity, community, and commerce. From melodies to digital art masterpieces, from design innovations to strategic token burns, each facet stands as a testament to a meticulously crafted ecosystem that rewards every stakeholder.

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