👗Fashion DAO

Introducing the First Decentralized, Community-Driven Fashion Brand in the World

Fashion has historically served as a canvas for individual expression, a realm where creativity thrives and boundaries are ceaselessly challenged. At Cy9ni, we've embraced this ethos and taken a bold step further with our Fashion DAO, our flagship utility that represents the harmonious marriage of artistry and technology. We are not just crafting the narrative of the world's first decentralized fashion brand with a futuristic vision, but also spearheading a paradigm shift where the democratic principles of blockchain resonate with the imaginative spirit of design.

While our brand will be entirely community-designed, giving voice and shape to the collective creativity of our platform's participants, we recognize the value of strategic collaboration. As such, we will also join forces with established brands, allowing us to capture larger audiences and broaden our appeal. This dual approach ensures a rich tapestry of fashion expressions under the Cy9ni banner.

Beyond our own brand's vision, Cy9ni aspires to be a hub where other brands and avant-garde projects can host their design competitions on our DAO. This initiative not only empowers the community to have a voice in shaping the future of fashion but also champions the ethos of decentralization and democracy in creative endeavors.

Emerging designers victorious in our stand-alone designer competition will secure not only funding but also comprehensive support to inaugurate their own Brands. This initiative not only champions burgeoning talent but also generates a space thriving in creative brilliance and innovation. In return for their integral support, C9 token holders will reap a percentage of all subsequent sales produced by these newly minted Brands, establishing a symbiotic partnership that simultaneously uplifts aspiring designers and rewards our token holders.

Though the name of our clothing brand remains confidential for now, our dedication is crystal clear. We're committed to merging the vibrant world of design with the transparency, security, and participatory nature of blockchain technology. Through the Fashion DAO, Cy9ni isn't just finding the best designs or designers; we're reimagining the very essence of the fashion industry for the digital age.

  • Pioneering Brand: As the inaugural decentralized fashion brand, Cy9ni is at the forefront of reimagining design's future. Our approach decentralizes the creative process, empowering undiscovered talents and ensuring the community plays a pivotal role in steering the brand's aesthetic and decision-making, thereby fostering a dynamic and inclusive fashion landscape.

  • Central Hub: Located at the epicenter of our expansive platform, the Fashion DAO is not just another competition; it's a global stage where budding designers from myriad backgrounds converge to display their sartorial prowess. Their canvas? A nine-week marathon of creativity, strategy, and user engagement.

  • Meticulous Framework: The competition framework is meticulous and inclusive. Each week, from the many designs submitted, the early 100 submits that match the requirements are selected and displayed on our DAO for the community's judgment.

  • Strategic Voting: The voting mechanism is both strategic and flexible, allowing token holders to truly influence the outcome. Key features include:

    • Anyone possessing at least $50 worth of C9 tokens can participate.

    • Voting tickets available at $2 each provide the buyer with 2 votes.

    • Eager participants can amplify their influence by buying 2 votes every week.

  • Weekly Progression: Over the span of the competition, every week witnesses the top 10 designs advancing to the grand finale. By the ninth week, 80 finalist designs take the stage.

  • Jackpot Distribution:

    • 40% awarded to the winning design.

    • 40% shared among the voters backing the winning entry.

    • 15% rolled over for the subsequent competition round.

    • 5% burned to support the token's deflationary nature.

In essence, Cy9ni.io's Fashion DAO is more than a competition. It's a movement that redefines fashion competitions by not only placing power in the hands of the people and promising recurring value through its ingenious jackpot system, but also by bringing winning designs to life, making them available for purchase through our online store. It's where haute couture meets the blockchain, crafting a tale of innovation, community, and unparalleled design.

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