💡Platform Infrastructure

Blockchain Foundation

Cy9ni token (C9) finds its roots in the Arbitrum One network, an ARC20-compliant ecosystem known for its scalability and efficient transaction processing. Additionally, Cy9ni is an RFI token, integrating a reflection mechanism. This means for every transaction made, a portion is automatically distributed back to holders, encouraging a culture of long-term holding and community reward. The decision to anchor our project in this high-caliber infrastructure stems from the desire to provide stakeholders with speedy, low-cost, and transparent transactions. By leveraging Arbitrum One's capabilities and the RFI mechanism, Cy9ni ensures that every user's experience, from mere token transfers to more complex interactions like voting within the Fashion DAO, is seamless and rewarding.

Supply Dynamics

Cy9ni has introduced a finite pool of 100 billion C9 tokens, emphasizing our dedication to token scarcity and maintaining its inherent value. Each C9 token is meticulously accounted for, ensuring that no additional tokens can enter circulation. Furthermore, C9's deflationary nature means that over time, through specific mechanisms like token burns, the total supply will decrease. This not only ensures stakeholder interests are protected but also intensifies the token's intrinsic value by creating a scarcity-driven demand.

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