⚖️Supply Allocation

Exploring the Allocation Details in Depth

To understand the backbone of the Cy9ni.io ecosystem, it's essential to delve into the specifics of our token distribution. The meticulous allocation reflects our priorities, ensuring sustainable growth, community involvement, and continuous innovation. Here's a detailed breakdown of our 100 billion token supply and how each segment propels our vision forward:

  • 100 billion tokens in total supply: Cy9ni's total supply is set at a deliberate 100 billion tokens, ensuring ample liquidity and distribution capabilities for the diverse needs of our community and project initiatives.

  • Presale & Liquidity (40% - 40 Billion): This segment paves the way for our early supporters to partake in the Cy9ni journey, laying down the foundation of our community-driven initiative.

  • Development Treasury (24% - 24 Billion): Our commitment to constant evolution and technological advancement is powered by this treasury. It's the engine behind our pursuit for innovation, ensuring we remain at the forefront of change.

  • Jackpot Treasury (25% - 25 Billion): Beyond just a reserve, this treasury embodies our dedication to celebrate and reward the Cy9ni community's engagement. From funding exhilarating jackpots to fostering creative competitions, it's the heart that keeps the Cy9ni spirit alive and thriving.

  • Developers (2.4% - 2.4 Billion): A recognition of the hard work and expertise our developers bring to the table, ensuring that the Cy9ni platform remains robust and state-of-the-art.

  • Team Tokens (8% - 8 Billion): A testament to the unyielding efforts and vision of the Cy9ni team. These tokens, vested over an extensive 33 years, underscore the depth of our commitment to the platform's longevity and success.

  • Concept Creator (0.6% - 600 Million): As the seed from which the entire Cy9ni ecosystem sprouted, the concept creator's role is pivotal. Their compensation is not just a transactional agreement but an acknowledgment of the originality and brilliance they've brought to the table.

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