📚Our Philosophy

A New Dawn in Value Creation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and crypto platforms, Cy9ni.io stands as a beacon of innovation and community-first ethos. Our groundbreaking 100% revenue sharing model, coupled with our robust burn mechanism, exemplifies our commitment to ensuring maximum value for our stakeholders.

Here's how it works:

  • Complete Revenue Reinvestment: Every dollar earned from our myriad utilities, whether it's from the sales of our Community-Driven and Decentralized Fashion Brand, our exclusive NFT auctions, the immersive experiences from our Gaming Odyssey, the adrenaline-fueled bets on our Streaming/Betting App, or the sponsorships and monetization from the C9TV, is funneled right back into the ecosystem. We pledge to use 100% of these profits for token buybacks.

  • Burn Mechanism: Of the tokens acquired through the buybacks, a significant 20% are permanently burned. This burn process has two crucial implications:

    • Supply Reduction: As tokens are incinerated, the overall circulating supply decreases. A lower supply, when paired with consistent or rising demand, naturally drives up the token's value.

    • Value Amplification: Each token burned means the share of the ecosystem for every remaining token enlarges fractionally. In essence, as the supply diminishes, the intrinsic value of each circulating token has the potential to rise.

  • The Positive Feedback Loop: This model creates a potent cycle. As our utilities prosper and yield more revenue, more tokens are repurchased and subsequently destroyed. This can bolster the token's value, potentially incentivizing even greater engagement and participation across our platforms, initiating a cycle of growth and value enhancement.

In an environment where numerous platforms chase short-term benefits, Cy9ni's 100% revenue-sharing model and decisive burn strategy underscore our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and an unwavering focus on community prosperity. With this innovative approach, we're not merely establishing a platform; we are sculpting a lasting legacy of value and trust.

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