Music & DJ Championships

At Cy9ni.io, our vibrant musical pulse melds seamlessly with our core values, shaping a distinct sonic identity. We're diving deep into the harmonious realm, marked by high-stakes contests inviting artists to stretch their creativity. Our DJ battles aren't just performances; they're a testament to diverse talent and passion. But the real magic? Our community, taking center stage in steering the musical direction, casting their votes, and choosing the beats that resonate most.

  • Harmonious Exploration:

    • Creative Affinity: While our commitment to digital artistry is steadfast, our engagement with music promises its own unique footprint in the vast canvas of creativity.

    • Jackpot-Fueled Contests: Backed by our jackpot treasury, DJs and artists will have the chance to vie for significant rewards, pushing the boundaries of competition.

  • Clashes of Melodic Brilliance:

    • Diverse Participation: Anticipated DJ battles aren't just events; they're platforms for showcasing intense passion and diverse talent. We're setting the stage for DJs from myriad backgrounds, each bringing a unique sound to our platform.

    • Community's Voice: Beyond mere contests, the community stands central to the outcome. Their role isn't just passive observation; they will actively participate in selecting winners, ensuring that the showcased music resonates with their preferences.

Cy9ni.io isn't merely exploring music as an add-on. Instead, we are wholeheartedly integrating it as an essential, vibrant beat within our brand's identity. Through these DJ and music showdowns, we're crafting a symphony of innovation, engagement, and unparalleled musical expression.

At Cy9ni, most of our utility contests are designed following the established competition mechanics of our renowned Fashion DAO. These competitions, hosted on our DAO, span anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks, promising participants a chance at a substantial jackpot. This jackpot is uniquely structured, with its rewards split between the victorious participants and the voters. Moreover, from the total, 15% rolls over for future contests, and 5% is permanently burned, ensuring both sustainability and value preservation.

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