A Nexus of Exclusivity, Competition, and Artistry

Sailing the intricate digital seas, Cy9ni.io stands as a beacon of rarity, competitive spirit, and artistic excellence. Our distinct NFT collections symbolize this perfect blend, each piece echoing global artists' fervor and ambition. These artistic masterpieces don't just end at creation; they transition into premium NFTs, celebrated in grand auctions and later staked for enduring yields. More than just digital tokens, our NFTs embody a nexus of artistry, community, and blockchain innovation, shaping the future narrative of the digital artscape.

  • The Pinnacle of Competition:

    • Masterful Fusion:

      • We've blended rarity with the vibrant spirit of competition and artistry, culminating in our distinctive NFT collections.

    • More Than Mere Tokens:

      • Each NFT emerges as a beacon of creativity, passion, and competition.

      • Sourced from our artistry contests, artists worldwide vie to create these NFTs, in hopes of recognition and endorsement from our diverse community.

  • The Grand Auction Aura:

    • Winners from our contests witness their pieces transition into premium NFTs, primed for our grand auctions.

    • These auctions aren't solely about transactional value. They celebrate the essence of art, pay tribute to unparalleled talent, and embody the strength of our community's support.

  • The Odyssey of Staking:

    • Beyond the auction, the journey of these NFTs continues to mesmerize.

    • Holders can stake these elite NFTs to earn a permanent yield from our jackpot treasury, augmenting their inherent and everlasting value.

  • Envisioning the Future with NFTs:

    • Our relationship with NFTs extends beyond mere creation.

    • We endeavor to bridge tangible and virtual worlds, narrate captivating stories, intensify community engagement, and carve novel paths in the blockchain art and design domain.

In summary, at Cy9ni, we don't just curate NFTs; we're molding legacies that resonate through time.

At Cy9ni, most of our utility contests are designed following the established competition mechanics of our renowned Fashion DAO. These competitions, hosted on our DAO, span anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks, promising participants a chance at a substantial jackpot. This jackpot is uniquely structured, with its rewards split between the victorious participants and the voters. Moreover, from the total, 15% rolls over for future contests, and 5% is permanently burned, ensuring both sustainability and value preservation.

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